Absolutely Wild is a New York based event and design company run and operated by Paolo Mizrahi and Peter Cunningham.

Paolo is an interior designer, an artist and color guru. He finds his passion in bringing together all his talents to create truly beautiful and unexpected colour palettes that few even dare to emulate.

His background in home and business design combined with the sun filled color range of his native Mexico allows him to create fun and vibrant designs but always keeping it on the correct side of tasteful.

As Paolo frequently reminds clients-: " It is always a delicate balance between color, texture and lighting. You have to know when to go all the way and then stop before you cross over the line."

Peter's many years as an private estate manger in Europe give him a easy manner that makes everyone feel at ease. His design passion lies in carefully listening to clients wants and thoughts and taking note of the subtle nuances in their voice or posture. This enables him to understand the client and help them really express what they went best vision to be.

He will be the first to tell you that :- "We are creating your party and nobody else's. We do not do repeats. Life is to short for repeats."

They have a simple approach to their design ethos- "Fun and Fabulous."

Known for there dedication to the process and amazing talent with textures and colors, they dedicate themselves to their passion and creativity in all the events they manage, no matter the size. The events range from small intimate home parties to large not for profit galas to corporate multi-day conferences and everything in-between.

With almost two decades of event experience, Peter and Paolo design and oversee all aspects of the event, from styling your invitation to tabletop design, custom linens design, backdrop design and staging and lighting. They pay special attention to lighting as it is a key factor into making their events so unique.

Nothing is to small to escape their keen eye and attention to detail. They take there talents and lust for life to all the arena's they design in.

With passport in hand and four languages between them they are always ready for adventure, wether it is creating a corporate event at the Breakers in Florida, to a weekend retreat in the Arizona desert or a desintation wedding in a romantic Mexican hacienda they are ready to bring their passion to your event.




151 Todd Hil Rd, Lagrangeville NY 12540